Parallel Session: 2- Nutrition Management and Total Parenteral Nutrition
Thursday June 29, 2017 from 10:00 to 12:00
Plaza Suite
  • 210.1 Predictors of response to teduglutide among patients with parenteral nutrition–dependent short bowel syndrome
    Dr. Francisca Joly, France
  • 210.2 First study in "real life" on the effect of Teduglutide at 3 months in a cohort of adult patients with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS).
    Dr. Francisca Joly, France
  • 210.3 The Molecular Mechanism of Autophagy Involving in the Treatment of GLP-2 Following Massive Bowel Resection
    Yuhua Huang, People's Republic of China
  • 210.4 To avoid chronic intestinal failure: The one-year experience of the first French Intestinal Stroke Center
    Prof. Olivier Corcos, France
  • 210.5 Body composition of children attending an Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation Centre
    Kate Tavener, United Kingdom
  • 210.6 Computed tomography measures of nutrition deficits in adult and pediatricpatients with intestine failure
    Weston J Bush, United States
  • 210.7 Do patients who receive medium chain trigyceride enteral tube feeds post intestinal/liver and intestinal transplant demonstrate better weight gain and growth than those changed to a standard tube feed?
    Mrs. Laura A Johnson, United Kingdom
  • 210.8 21st century malnutrition: When bariatric surgery precipitates decompensated liver disease and intestinal failure
    Ms. Brooke R. Chapman, Australia
  • 210.9 A clinical audit of growth and clinical outcome in very low birthweight babies at the Auckland City Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before and after the introduction of SMOFlipid
    Dr. Helen M Evans, New Zealand
  • 210.10 Development of the New Zealand National Intestinal Failure Service (NZ-NIFS) – navigating unique challenges
    Dr. Helen M Evans, New Zealand
  • 210.11 Home parenteral nutrition in France: a national survey
    Prof. Olivier J. Goulet, France
  • 210.12 Long Term Home Parenteral Nutrition Versus Intestinal Transplantation: evolution
    Mrs. Catherine Poisson, France
  • 210.13 Serum micronutrients levels are maintained post-intestinal transplant in keeping with graft function
    Dr. Philip J. Allan, United Kingdom
  • 210.14 Beneficial effects of enteral fat supplementation on essential fatty acid profiles of pediatric patients with intestinal failure
    Dr. Sivan Kinberg, United States
  • 210.15 Changes in aetiology of type 3 intestinal failure over 36 years: a single centre experience
    Dr. Simon Gabe, United Kingdom

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